Sunday, December 23, 2012

New Christmas Tradition . . .

This year I procrastinated as usual and did my shopping at the last minute. However, instead of fighting the crowds on one of the busiest shopping days of the year (Saturday before Christmas), I went REALLY early Saturday morning to avoid the crowds.

I'm talking super early . . .

So early, it seemed like Friday night still . . .

In fact, I never went to bed Friday night . . .

I just left a Christmas party around 12:30am and went shopping!

A couple of disclaimers: For this to work, of course, I had to go to a store that was open 24 hours a day. AND . . . I didn't find everything I was looking for. So, I'll have to go out on another day to find a couple of leftover items. AND . . . I probably don't have to shop for as many people as others do, so that makes it easier to do most of it in one night in one store. 

Overall, my shopping experience was GREAT! 

--I didn't have to fight any crazy moms (or dads or grandmas or whoevers) who just have to have THAT new toy for their kid.

--I didn't have to squeeze through crowded aisles or maneuver around thousands of other shoppers that all seem to need something in exactly the same spot at the same time.

--I didn't have to wait in any black-friday-esque lines outside OR inside the store.

--I walked right up to a register and actually was blessed to be able to let someone go in front of me that only had one item. (I had a buggy-full.) Otherwise, no waiting!

--The store employees were actually kind and courteous and helpful!

SO, shopping from approximately 1am-3am on the Saturday morning before Christmas will be a new tradition for me! I absolutely loved it.

Christmas Eve 2007 - our first Married Christmas!
Do you open presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day or both?

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