About Me . . .


First and most importantly, I am a child of God - a Christian, saved by grace.

I am a wife, married to my amazing husband for 5 wonderful years!

I am a mom of two precious twin girls, Joanna and Rita, who went to be with Jesus shortly after they were born.

I am also a mom to an AMAZING two year old boy, Luke, who we adopted through a domestic infant adoption program AND to our precious 2 month old boy Seth, who was also adopted through domestic infant adoption. Both of their stories are told here on the blog.

I am a daughter and a sister (and a daughter-in-law and sister-in-law - love my in-laws!). I am also an aunt to two precious nephews!

I am a teacher at heart. I love to teach - just about anything and anyone - and I also love to learn...

I have a Master's in Religion with a concentration in Church Ministries. I have a bachelor's degree in Elementary Education and a Master's in Special Education, with a concentration in Gifted Education.

I am a friend (and I have amazing friends).

This blog started as an outlet to tell the girls' story. It has become an amazing way to put my thoughts into words, to encourage others through God's Word, and to keep me accountable with my life. Topics range widely, from running to mission work to military life. But mostly, I blog about what God is doing...because that's most important.


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