Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Baby Room

We've started the baby room! Technically, it was started when we first moved in (4 years ago). We painted the walls green then and had the idea that one day we would decorate when we knew we were having a baby. When I was pregnant with the girls, we didn't get very far in decorating, so the room pretty much stayed an office and still has a bunch of junk in it.

I wanted to do something different for our third child...something that allows him or her to be unique. We haven't gotten very far, just paint colors and fuzzy ideas. All I know right now is there will be yellow and white, and we are repurposing some old furniture to use. I saw a really classic looking nursery on Pinterest that was yellow, white, and gray. We might go that route. It would work for both girls and boys.

Saturday, I started painting the largest piece of furniture - this beautiful wood bookcase that was given to me for free back in college. It will serve wonderfully for baby books and baskets of toys. Here's a before and after: (still have to paint the bottom two inches and two more shelves)

We are moving slowly with the buying of baby items. There are some things that we could easily buy now and hold on to for months and years, if needed, but we are trying to be realistic about what we should buy right now. I've started a registry, but it's slow-going. There are so many choices!

If you are an eager family member or friend, we will welcome practical baby gifts, if you just can't help it. :) A friend of mine wants to throw us a shower, so that might be in the plans for a few months away. It's exciting to think about!

Small adoption update: all of our paperwork is in and we are simply waiting for approval. yippee!


  1. Oh I'm sooo excited! I just found your blog and love that you're adopting! My oldest brother and I are both adopted and we wouldn't trade our parents for the world. I love seeing other families overflowing with love like mine. It makes me incredibly blessed feeling as weird as that may sound :) If you're looking for practical baby items that go either way look at Carter's Just One You Receiving Blankets. They work for blankets, burpers, lovies, you name it. We use ours still 2 years later and they only get softer with time! Best of luck hunny.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement, Jules! I didn't know you were adopted! We should definitely talk :) And thanks for the advice on practical baby items...there's SO MUCH stuff to choose from.



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