Monday, December 24, 2012

More Shopping Fun . . .

So, after my early morning shopping adventure, Saturday afternoon, I created another method for avoiding the craziness of  shopping on the eve of the eve of Christmas Eve. Strategically, Fortunately, I have a dear friend who is a manager at LifeWay (shout out!!) and I gave her a call to see if she had a certain gift I was looking for. She was TOO kind to actually go look on the shelf and pick out several things I asked for . . . then, she even took my credit card info over the phone and made my purchase for me! To top it off as one of the greatest friends of all time, she brought my purchase to me at church the next day! WOW. Talk about personal customer service!! Love you, girl!

Sunday evening, I couldn't avoid an actual in-person store visit. (It'd be hard to order a veggie tray online!) So, I went to a local grocery store that actually wasn't very busy at all. I picked up my veggie tray and some extra carrots (gotta have plenty of those!), then my eye caught sight of a HUGE gift card display. I perused my choices and actually got a couple more gifts off my list! Woohoo. Then, I asked a store employee if they carried batteries, and she was actually standing right in front of some - perfect! THEN, she pointed out an ad in their sales paper that gave me some free batteries along with the ones I was already planning to buy. Double (A) woohoo!

So, overall, it's been a great shopping experience this Christmas season. I've got to make a quick stop today for giant gift bags (for giant gifts that I don't want to wrap, of course), drinks and bread for Christmas dinner with the in-laws, and ONE more gift. Nothing like Christmas Eve for last minute shopping! Ahhh, procrastination . . .

I couldn't find another Christmas flashback, so here's a summer flashback from Sandestin!

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