Adoption #2 Timeline

We have already been waiting longer to be matched the second time around, which has been a surprise to me. I thought it would be quicker. That's okay! God's timing is perfect and I keep telling everyone (and myself) that. Anyway, I thought I would write out the timeline for this time like I did for Luke's. It might not be as exact because I haven't kept track as well as the first time. Here goes!

June 16, 2014 - Formal Application submitted to Bethany Christian Services
    (to answer a commonly asked question: yes, we had to resubmit almost everything. New State. New Paperwork)

July 25/26 - Informational Meeting at Agency Office, Met Case Worker other Agency Personnel

July 30 - Home Study Paperwork Submitted

August/September - Home Study Visits, Phone Calls, & Emails
      (our case worker only had to visit our house once and we had several phone calls and emails to fill in some missing information from our first home study report)

September 9 - Family Profile Submitted for Website

September 25 - Home Study Approved! Ready for matching & Placement

May 15 - Request for profile to be shown in CA, granted

May 18 - MATCHED with birthparents and baby boy in CA

May 22 - Placement paperwork signed

May 23 - Meet baby boy!!

May 23-June 15 - NICU with baby boy

June 15 - Discharge Day!

June 16 - Home to FL to be reunited with husband and 2yr old - a Family of Four!

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