Thursday, December 6, 2012

Adoption and the DMV...

What do adoption and the DMV have in common?

In my last post, I mentioned a bit of post office drama in relation to mailing some adoption paperwork. Well, it was basically a case of misaligned circumstances . . .

We went to the preliminary meeting on a Friday. On Monday, I put the forms and a check in the mail at work, which someone takes every day to the post office. Unfortunately, due to Hurricane Isaac, the mail didn't get out until Friday of that week, which was August 31. Of course, the following Monday was Labor Day, so the agency didn't actually receive our paperwork until Tuesday, September 4. Minor drama, but still. When every day in the adoption process feels like you're the last person in line at the DMV, the waiting adds up!

Thankfully, our agency was quick to respond once they had the paperwork, and we received a confirmation email and a login for the website where we would complete our formal application. Needless to say, I logged in immediately and filled in as many blanks as I could off the top of my head. That night, Hampton and I filled in a bunch more of it and we were able to finish it by the end of that week. On Friday, September 7, we submitted our formal application. So, my previously-mentioned goal of having our application completed by September was not too far off!

Eager as I was, I messaged our case worker to say hello (and make sure she receieved our app) and she messaged me right back! She stated that someone from the agency would be starting with our family "in the next couple of weeks."

I'll let you guess what's next on the timeline . . . did we hear from the agency exactly two weeks later? more than two weeks later? or less than two weeks later?

Stay tuned...

This is an oldie!! Just for fun :)

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