Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Adoption Timeline Recap...

Here's where we've been . . .

May 19, 2012 - completed online application

June 29 - preliminary paperwork mailed to adoption agency

mid-July - confirmed reservations at informational meeting

I went to London in late July/early August! This is one of my fave pics . . .

August 24 - attended informational meeting

August 31 - mailed more paperwork (and some money) to the agency

September 5 - received offical confirmation from the agency and online login

September 7 - completed formal application online

September 15 - received massive packet of paperwork from agency

September 16-October 8 - fingerprinting, local, state, and FBI background checks, personal surveys,  drug screen, and other paperwork

October 9 - mailed in all paperwork to agency

October 17 - confirmed receipt of paperwork and learned that our case was being reviewed by the director of the agency office

October 25 - talked to our case worker on the phone for the first time

Meanwhile, Hampton went to Africa!

November 15 - first home study visit

December 7 - educational meeting and individual interviews

December 11 - talked to case worker on the phone again and confirmed last home visit for Thursday, December 13

And here we are this week, with our last home visit coming up on Thursday. I LOVE this list of dates - it makes the process look so concise and simple, haha! But it also represents a lot of prayer and support for our friends and family over the last 6 months (and more and more and more). We love you all so much!

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