Friday, February 9, 2018

emotional days...

Feeling emotional today for a number of reasons, so I decided to write about it. Certain times of the year can be more sentimental or emotional than others and sometimes those emotions sneak up on me and hit me hard. 

This morning I read Isaiah 10:5-34. Check it out for yourself. Not exactly the most inspirational passage. But it does teach us something incredible about God. He is sovereign and He is powerful and He is in control. Nothing happens without God moving or approving. And this gives me comfort on an emotional day when this broken, sinful world and the consequences of that sin are affecting everyone - big or small, black or white, young or old. 

Everyone feels the effects of sin in the world. Sickness, natural disasters, drought, famine, war, oppression, the list goes on and on...and it can be frustrating and lead to bitter, angry thoughts. Or it can remind us of our own personal sin (the list is long here, as well) and draw us closer to the God who forgives, the God who created, the God who loves, the God who gives. 

God gives us so much in this broken world. The beauty that we see around us in nature, the blessings of parenthood and marriage, so many gifts and talents for service and worship. We are infinitely blessed with His wisdom and love and grace and mercy.

Today is an emotional day, maybe you’ve had those too. Don’t let it take over who you are. Don’t let it define you. Remember your identity in Christ. Remember who He is.

Because this world is broken, find your peace, your rest, your joy, your satisfaction, in Christ alone. 


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