Luke's Adoption Timeline . . .

Here's where we've been . . .

May 19, 2012 - completed online application

June 29 - preliminary paperwork mailed to adoption agency

mid-July - confirmed reservations at informational meeting

I went to London in late July/early August! This is one of my fave pics . . .

August 24 - attended informational meeting

August 31 - mailed more paperwork (and some money) to the agency

September 5 - received offical confirmation from the agency and online login

September 7 - completed formal application online

September 15 - received massive packet of paperwork from agency

September 16-October 8 - fingerprinting, local, state, and FBI background checks, personal surveys, drug screen, and other paperwork

October 9 - mailed in all paperwork to agency

October 17 - confirmed receipt of paperwork and learned that our case was being reviewed by the director of the agency office

October 25 - talked to our case worker on the phone for the first time

Meanwhile, Hampton went to Africa!

November 15 - first home study visit

December 7 - educational meeting and individual interviews

December 11 - talked to case worker on the phone again and confirmed last home visit for Thursday, December 13

December 13 - final home visit, more paperwork, begin profile book

December 21 - home study complete, waiting on Director's approval

Visiting family in Tennessee for Christmas - we had SNOW! :)

December 28 - Home Study approved

January 3 - Received official Approval Letter in the mail, Profile books completed

January 4 - Profile book approved by the agency and ordered

- Online profile posted to the agency's waiting family website 

January 9 - Profile books delivered to the agency 

March 25 - Luke was born (we didn't know!!)

April - Matched with birthmom & Luke (we didn't know!!)

May 6 - Phone call giving us the good news that we were matched with our precious baby boy! (and telling us to come pick him up the next day!) - Call Hampton (working out of town), call everyone we know, go shopping, clean house, prep baby room, try to sleep.

May 7 - Placement- drive 3 hours to pick up Luke, sign paperwork, drive 3 hours home (stop once or twice for food and comfort), GET HOME AND SETTLE IN!

October 28 - Finalization! We are officially a family!


  1. I love praying with you and waiting to see God's perfect plan, your baby in your arms. I remember how very long the 9-months that we waited for Alicia felt, and know it seems LONG for you and Hampton. God bless you both, the birth parent/s and your sweet child, who God is preparing to bless your life.

    1. Annette, thank you so much for your prayers and encouragement!



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