Saturday, February 19, 2011

Song Bonus!

I know I just posted a song yesterday, but something came to mind last night (or early this morning?) and I just had to share it with the blog world.

Never ever doubt the power of an encouraging word! The following song excerpt is a shout-out to a friend who just happened to give encouragement exactly when encouragement was needed.

Isn't God awesome? YES!

This is an oldie, but goodie!

Dare I go where I can't see
And if I do will You go with me
Maybe it's time that I just learn to believe

That I may never be a millionaire
Funny I don't think I care
May never see the mountain view
I guess I don't need to
I may never drive a fancy car
Or be a movie star
But I'll be, I'll be, the light of the world

This song is not only really meaningful, but it has a great beat!

Thanks again, friend, for your encouraging words (and for singing this song in your great, upbeat voice!). : )

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