Thursday, October 20, 2011

Europe Part 3

So, my last post left off  with us driving through Slovenia to Italy. We stopped in Florence for a night and then headed to Rome. We stayed on the East side of the city and, while getting off the autobahn, we had another incident with the car...

we got rear-ended! Of course, it was rental car, so we weren’t sure what to do…the damage wasn’t that bad. The lady who ran into us spoke English, so Hampton talked to her and got her contact info in case the rental company wanted it. The woman apologized profusely and we continued into Rome.

We got checked in to our hotel and proceeded to the bus stop to get into town. There was a supposed “strike” amongst the bus drivers, but we didn’t see any effects of that in our two days there.

We headed straight for the Coliseum and Forum. Hampton had downloaded a couple of walking tour audio guides on his phone, so he set that up and we headed to the Forum first.

It mostly consisted of a bunch of old buildings…like REALLY old. I don’t remember what everything was called, but here are some pictures:


Next, we headed to the Coliseum. SO COOL.




We managed to find a way to the second level, which I’m not sure that we were supposed to go to, but we did. And I’m glad, cause the view was much better up there!

As we were leaving the Coliseum, the sun was setting on our first day in Rome.

Next up…Vatican City and a little more Rome!

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