Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I made myself go back and look at my facebook from a year ago. I wanted to reflect on what was happening... and I was reminded how many of you prayed for us so intently a year ago.

The most common phrase in your prayers was that God would wrap His arms around me and my family. OH, how your prayers were answered! God's peace surrounded me so intensely and He constantly reminded me of His presence and His love.

THANK YOU so much for your prayers. For those who prayed a year ago and for those who have prayed since. Hampton and I are ever grateful. And the girls are in the best place they could be - in their Heavenly Father's arms.

Thank you for reading this blog and allowing me to share my heart with you. This week, we remember Joanna and Rita on their birthdays...but more than that, please remember the God who fearfully and marvelously made all of us and can give YOU eternal life.

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