Sunday, January 9, 2022


{after a few years hiatus, I decided to just write when inspiration strikes, so here ya go!}

Our pastor preached on these verses this morning (with my picture above) and it was such a good reminder of who God is - and what our response in worship should be! The illustrations of an iceberg and the Grand Canyon were used in the sermon, but Hampton leaned over to me and said, “more like Mammoth cave”. And it was like a "mic drop" in my brain! Perfect.

The Mammoth cave system has over 400 miles of excavated, explores caves & tunnels. It’s the largest cave system in the world. AND YET - experts estimate that there are 600+ more miles of undiscovered, uncharted caves & tunnels in that system alone! There's SO much more than meets the eye, so much that is completely unsearchable, unknowable.

In the same way, the depth of the riches & wisdom & knowledge of God are SO MUCH MORE than what we see. What comfort! What joy! What peace!!

Knowing what I know about God, what He's done & who He has revealed Himself to be - then, reflecting on how much I don't know leads me to AWE and worship and faith. HE IS SO MUCH BIGGER. HIS WAYS ARE SO MUCH HIGHER. He is infinitely MORE than what we can even imagine.

For further study: (from our pastor) Daniel 2:20-22, Job, Revelation 5:11-14; also Isaiah 55:8-9, Ephesians 3:20-21

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