Friday, October 12, 2018

say her name

Part of our morning routine is changing the date on our menu planning calendar board...this morning as Luke moved the slider over, I casually mentioned that it was his biggest sister's birthday in heaven and she was celebrating with Jesus today.

He asked, "what's her name?"

It was such a simple and profound question. We've talked about our girls before, but Luke is finally getting to the age of starting to understand these more complex matters of life and death. And it makes my heart swell with joy to hear him say her name.

"Her name is Joanna...she lives with Jesus now."
"my sister, Joanna" (and some more complicated conversation followed...)

Saying her name out loud and hearing others say it reminds me that she LIVED. She had a short, abundant, beautiful life and then was swept away for eternity with her King.

Happy Birthday, sweet Joanna!

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