Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Shin Splints, Landstuhl, and Paul...

Hi readers! Sorry I've been a lousy blogger lately. Life has really been busy!

edited: just realized this is my 50th post! lol.

I haven't been running much lately because of a right shin splint. Yep. It KILLS everytime I run, so I'm resting it this week. No Fun.

 I finally took my own picture of the bridge that I like to run.

I dropped Hampton off at the airport Sunday morning for his flight to Germany. He'll be over there for 6 weeks, doing a rotation at Landstuhl. (I'm getting used to spelling that!) It's tough this time, cause everytime he's been away before I've been able to go see him whenever I wanted to. This time, I have to actually wait out the full 6 weeks. On the plus side, I AM going over there at the end of his rotation and we are going to explore Europe a little. yay!

Saturday night we went to Half-Shell Oyster House and had a nice dinner. Kind of a "going-away" dinner. It was yummy, but I got a huge platter of fried food and it was TOO much.

Here's the view from our table (that's the Hard Rock Casino) and Hampton's smiling face as we peruse the menu!

Now, for some really great news that made me tear-up today. Those who know me as a perpetual student will appreciate this. I had been working on a research paper (on Paul, the apostle) all of last week and really struggled to get it done. I didn't think that I had done enough, but I gave it a go and turned it in. Apparently, my professor LOVED it! I got my grade back today - 100. Yep, a perfect grade...on a not-so perfect paper. But I guess the content was good enough that he overlooked some small mistakes and gave me a 100 anyway. I was blown away by my professor's praise and I totally almost cried reading his response to my writing.

SO, I decided that I would share my paper with you, my loyal readers! haha.

Part 1 will follow tomorrow, and then I'll post the rest in parts over the next few weeks (don't want to overload you!).

To peak your interest, the subject is "Paul and the Law: Through the Lenses of Romans and Galatians." You can't wait to read it, huh???

Stay tuned!

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