Thursday, August 18, 2011

Enfamil and Junk Email...

Ugh. So, last October I totally unsubscribed (so I thought) to all of the emails from companies having to do with babies or baby products (because of my story here and here).

However, much to my dismay, I checked my Junk mail folder this morning and I had received an email from Enfamil. Nothing against that company, just one email that got through.

Unfortunately, this email had large bold letters that said: "Your baby is now 6 months old!"

Ugh. It's hard. IF the girls would have been born on their due date of February 14, yes, they would be 6 months old now.

I'm okay. Really, I am. I just felt the need to share a little frustration and sadness.

God is still good. His peace still surpasses all understanding. And one little email WILL NOT define my day.

OOH...tomorrow I'll share a BEAUTIFUL canvas a friend of mine painted for the girls. I have to get the pictures in there first!

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