Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wednesday Wonders...

I wonder...

Why do people not wear seatbelts?

(This "wonder" is brought to you today by the lady driving in front of me who, seeing a police car drive by the intersection, quickly put her seatbelt on...after driving down at least one major thoroughfare with it off.)

Thoughts? Musings? Please comment! :)


  1. We as humans have an ingrained notion that we are invincible. We think that the bad things will happen to "the other guy (or gal)" and usually our actions follow suit. It's usually only when our fears or knowledge of potential consequences trump this instinct that we take action (ie- someone fears a heart attack and drinks red wine, etc). The fear of a ticket prompted that lady to wear hers, the knowledge that I will be more likely to survive an accident prompts me to wear mine. I think it, like most things in life, is a question of motivation, and if the proper motivating factors are in place, then action follows.

  2. Apparently her life has not been touched by the loss of friends who died because they weren't wearing seat belts. Lord knows so many of my boys' friends lost their lives because of not wearing them. Alcohol was also involved in many of those accidents, but if seat belts had been in use they would have only been injured instead of killed.
    Those kinds of deaths are too easy to prevent ... just buckle up ... and pay attention as you drive.
    Keep blogging, Nicole ...

  3. I cracked a windshield as a toddler bc I unbuckled my car seat. I broke my collarbone and lost some hair. I actually still have a bald spot from it. All that to say, I am a seatbelt wearing crazy woman. It infuriates me to see parents who allow their kids to ride unbuckled. I think it should be considered a form of abuse but, that is just me. I was lucky and had only minor injuries since my mom miraculously caught my leg as I flew by. I very easily could've died. Thankfully, God had other plans.

  4. I got my first ticket ever for not wearing a seatbelt. To be honest, I forgot it that one time. I always wear my seatbelt other than that. Not out of fear or thought of safety, but out of habit. My mom worked that one into us with a few beatings, and the lesson stuck.

    I've also got the habit to lock the door behind me, no matter where I am. A few times it's caused a couple chuckles or minor incidents of confusion, but it's a good habit to have as well. I never have to ask myself if I locked the door or not.

  5. Thanks for the comments! It just blows my mind why someone wouldn't take this simple set for their own safety. And don't get me started about the safety of kids without carseats/seatbelts~! Talk about righteous anger!

    I hope my next Wednesday Wonders won't be an angry one! lol

  6. I know we've talked about this and for me I feel naked if I'm not wearing mine. I think most people that don't just weren't instructed to growing up. It didn't become a habit for them like it has for us so they don't!



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