Thursday, March 31, 2011

The going gets tough...

Life. is. hard.

Sometimes, the going gets tough. Does that mean you can opt out of your situation? Just throw your hands up and quit? Blame your circumstances on, well, circumstance? NOPE.

God has a might not see it right now; maybe He's only showing you one step at a time...enough light to see one foot forward (or one inch or one millimeter!). But He wants you to take the next step in faith. What is he calling you to do?

...And the tough gets going?

Is he calling you to move? Maybe a new job or a new city?
Is he calling you to work harder where you are?

Maybe he's telling you to be content.
Maybe, just maybe, he's saying...WAIT.

Waiting is hard. We want to DO and GO, and sometimes that's what God is telling us. But other times, He's telling us to stop...wait...listen.

     Be still and know that I am God.

Yep...sometimes it's the being still that allows us to know God more.

While you're waiting (or moving or stepping carefully), listen for God's voice. His is the only one that you need. You'll get plenty of advice (sometimes asked for, sometimes not) from plenty of people (sometimes well-meaning, sometimes not). But most importantly, listen for GOD'S voice.

Maybe it will be in the roar of the winds of change...
Or maybe it will be in the still small voice in the whisper of the quiet.

How do you know what God's voice sounds like? How can we discern it from the noise of this world?

Think about do you know your earthly father's or mother's voice? What about that of your daughter or son? Your spouse or best friend? How do you know these voices?

Spend time with God. You'll learn His ways and His will as you commune with Him. You'll be able to better discern His voice and you'll be ready to HEAR when God SPEAKS.

And if you are waiting for an answer from God, in the mean time - live obediently. Don't squander this time just because you are waiting. God has told us how to live:


"No, in all these things we are more than conquerors
through him who loved us."
~Romans 8:37
(By the way, look back at verse 35 to see why this verse starts with "no.")


  1. You know what’s funny? I read this last night and thought “that’s good Nicole” Then today, just now, I read it again and thought “Wow, Nicole, you knew EXACTLY what I needed to read today” One of my best friends lost her fiancĂ© today. They were getting married April 30th and there was nothing wrong (that we knew of) with him. He just didn’t wake up this morning. God has a plan, and I do not see it right now….but God knows exactly what He is doing. Thank you so much for writing this.

  2. We have hit a bump in the road, and it's hard and it hurts to struggle sometimes. But, you're right - the going may get tough, but I will not opt out. I will work harder!

    Thank you!!




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