Friday, July 29, 2011

A Full Life…

Are you struggling with contentment? Wanting more out of life than what you see day-to-day? If I only had __________, my life would be complete. How would you fill in that blank?

What does it mean to have a “full” life? A typical American might say a full life includes a fulfilling career, a spouse, and a couple of children, possibly good health and just a little more money than necessary, to be able to travel or at least take extended vacations, perhaps having an interesting hobby like art or sailing (and maybe a few infomercial gadgets). Other cultures might place more emphasis on one or another of those qualities. Many people in the world have good intentions and place their “fullness” of life solely in their family; as long as they have that, their life is “full”.

I would like to propose that not only are none of the above things necessary for a full life, but that having them can actually take away from the fullness of life. Hear me out…

A year ago I was expecting twin girls. On this date last year, I was almost 12 weeks along. We were about to make the official announcement. I was noticeably excited. And I truly thought that having children was going to make my life FULL. And if I had asked anyone around me, they probably would have said, “Yes, your life will be very full now – with twins!”

But God had other plans. His story for my life was going to be different than I thought. Life doesn’t always turn out the way we expect.

So, my question for you to ponder is: Is my life less full now that I don’t have the girls?

I’m here to praise God that it isn’t so. My life today is fuller than my life was a year ago. Why?

Is it because I filled my time with Seminary classes, volunteering at my church, remodeling my house, and directing a children’s camp? Is it because I spend more time with my husband and my friends? Is it because I started running and training for a half-marathon?

No. My life is fuller because before doing any of that stuff, I came to realize what makes life FULL.

“I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.” 
~Jesus, in John 10:10

Jesus didn’t come to the earth, die on a cross, and rise again 3 days later just to save you…He came so that you can have a FULL LIFE. A life full of HIM. He is what fills life to the brim, so that everything else pales in comparison.

What happens when a cup is full of water and you try to add more water? It spills over. THAT is the abundance of life God wants for you. HE wants to fill you up so that everything else in your life is an abundance, a spilling over!

Do you have this abundant life that Jesus talks about in John 10:10? Don’t you WANT IT? What more could we ask than for Jesus to come into our lives and FILL IT UP?!

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